• Taleee goes beyond social media monitoring and provides you with actionable items to improve your company's results. Our unique Consensus Analytics Services can help your business improve its profits, methods, products, customer relations and services. Our consensus and insight analytics services have helped companies including Microsoft, Cisco, Intuit, Marriott, and others in marketing and operations.


about us

"The new standard and seal of approval for satisfaction: Customer Consensus."

Customer Choice. Get certified by your customers, the most trusted form of approval anywhere. Taleee is the Consensus Engine™ and harnesses your customer's voice into a powerful chorus. Our unique technology gathers and determines overall opinion from the web, social media, big data and more to highlight the brands and products that are Customer Choice Award Winners, Top Rated Web-Wide.

What the media and others say: "Because Taleee takes the pulse from across the web millions of consumer voices are considered and will impact the rating. This gives consumers a better idea about the product in question and gives marketers using the system another selling point: product satisfaction."

Harness the power of your customers now with a Total Customer Consensus Certification, click here for an overview: Total Customer Consensus Report

What Taleee does

  • Content

    Our Consensus Engine™ continually finds, filters and summarizes opinion and expression. We've scored millions of products, hotels, restaurants, movies, songs, books, gadgets, games and more, helping the best brands, businesses and products get recognized.

  • Commerce

    Customers rule. Businesses and brands that go the extra mile to make a great service need to be recognized. Those that customers love earn the Top Rated Web-Wide®, Customer Choice Award™ award. It's the ultimate in customer approval and only the best may display it, helping drive more sales: Top Rated Web-Wide award

  • News

    Our Web-Wide Consensus® drives news in brand new ways. Web and social media opinion all combined into powerful insights into politics, celebs, athletes and newsmakers of any stripe. We're on Huffington Post, the Internet's largest newspaper.